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Three-dimensional characters

Profile:Three-dimensional characters
"Character" of the word in ancient times, among other implications, the use of language, the text refers to the main body.For example XuShen's "version" is the main focus of this book font structure.But Mr Xie said that the "wife 之 Words, words and phrases Health", it is obvious that the language is used to refer to unitsmainly with the sound and meaning.The words written on a piece of paper, visible, and it just three, the characters speak only Xeno justice inside, invisible form.Although sometimes in the minds of people reading a shining character shapes.We normally talk about "character", sometimes referred to this aspect, the one that sometimes refers to it.For example, "Dilemma and Triumph of a Dilemma and Triumph of a Dilemma and Triumph, Dilemma and Triumph of a horizontal, Dilemma and Triumph of a horizontal, Dilemma and Triumph of a horizontal and play a character."The word refers to the shape (ADB).For example, again, " 'bright' than the word 'tomorrow' word loud," referring to the word's voice.If the "understanding he would not dare to say a 'no' word."it refers to the obligation of a certain combination of the auditory word, a language unit.Unusual words, this means that sometimes, and sometimes refer to it, nor did any inconvenience.But to say the language problem, it is necessary to set the name.Specially refers to physical, the best Guantajiao "Chinese characters."Specifically refer to the voices, the best Guantajiao "syllable."Specially refers to the combination of sound and meaning, the best Guantajiao "morpheme."

Chinese, Europeans, Morpheme form a three-dimensional "character."Of course, this is applicable to Chinese.If another language, the situation is different.It may be a syllable another morpheme, possibly less than one syllable, there might have been more than one syllable.Of course, other languages do not have Chinese characters, Japan is also part of Chinese characters used, but often read into two syllables.In fact, ah, Chinese, Europeans, Morpheme triple this, we can only say this is the basic situation of the Chinese language.There are several exceptions.(1) Some Morpheme more than one syllable, of course, more than one write Chinese characters.For example, "Cricket, grapes, motors, chocolate."After three foreign language.(2) consists of two one syllable morpheme, written two Chinese characters.Is "abuse of words," such as "flowers."(Putonghua is the case, some dialect word "er" into another syllable).In addition, Beijing said "we, you, they are, what, how, and so," said a second faster m only one word.glued to the first word to come, it was only the one syllable.(3) a syllable, a Chinese, but includes two morpheme.For example, the "wife" (= 2), "Sa" (= 3), "Our" (n = z Mr. our)"You" (= changing your +n[+]).(4) A representative of two Chinese characters Morpheme read into two syllables.For example, (kwh), "miles" (miles), "mileage" (miles).

As the Chinese people are accustomed syllable meaningful characters, meaningful and therefore is not always sounds like foreign language.have the opportunity to replac words with English translation.Destroyed the translation, the number of "secret from the Secretary, lawyer winds Istik" such terms, but have been eliminated.The same reason, in certain combinations, a transliteration of the first professionals who can represent all the characters.For example, "Marxism-Leninism" and "Prussian War"; Even an "Arab" characters on different occasions on behalf of "Albanian""Algeria", "Afghanistan" or "Argentina."





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